Where do People get their Pets

two yellow labrador retriever puppies

We lead the industry in care and compassion

Premier Pets have been industry leaders in the area of animal care and pet placements for over 17 years.

What started as a work from home opportunity for our founding directors, grew over time into a trusted brand and well preferred service by many of the top breeder in the country.

Charmaine Borchard
Charmaine Borchard – Sales Director at Premier Pets

“The health and well-being of our pets comes first for all of us” – she says.

At every level, we are actively involved with the top breeders and other industry leaders to create and set standards for everyone in the pet care and pet placement business. 

We make sure that breeders pay careful attention to their welfare and veterinary needs.

The number one reason pet owners make use of our placement service is our love for healthy and well groomed pets, and that’s a fact we continue to be proud of.

How many dogs are there?

Take a walk down any city street or suburb, and it’s pretty easy to see – dogs are a big part of our lives.

It is estimated that a country like America for example have over 70 million dogs.

How do most people get their dogs?

It may surprise you that as few as 4% of dogs are bought from pet stores, while as many as 37% of dogs are adopted from shelters and about 34% are acquired directly from breeders. 

The majority of puppies purchased from a pet placement service such as Premier Pets become members of a family for life, with very few dogs ever ending up in shelters.

What happens to dogs that don’t end up with a home?

Most of the breeders we deal with have policies in place to ensure that all puppies find a home.

Occasionally, however, circumstances arise making it difficult for a breeder to keep their lifetime promises.

In these cases, Premier Pets play an important role in helping breeders find a happy home for these dogs.

This may include sending out newsletters, posting flyers with veterinary clinics, making pet placement calls and spreading the word to friends and family.

It is our goal to ensure that no animal ever end up homeless or a burden to some animal shelter. 


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