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About Premier Pets
Pet placements since 2004

Why choose Premier Pets

Pet placement services are the safest and most convenient way to buy a pet. Customers can feel confident that pets have been taken care of to the highest standards of care and the matching process ensure both pets and owners are an ideal match.

While maintaining such high standards comes with additional costs, we simply do not cut corners when it comes to the health and well-being of our best friends.

We comply with regulations and set standards that go above and beyond government and industry standards.

Finding forever homes for pets

Over the past 17 years we have built a reputation in the industry for maintaining a great relationship between reputable breeders and caring pet owners.

We ensure happy environments for pets from when they are born and well after they have settled in as new members of a loving household.

Most of our customers become friends for life and often share photos and stories for years after they have placed their trust in us to find them the right pet.

High standards of care

Our selected breeders maintain standards set by licensed professional veterinarians and every pet is examined before it is delivered to a caring home.

Potential customers are able to view every pet’s health records and where possible meet the breeder before every purchase.

We monitor the weight, temperature and feeding habits of every pet. Any inconsistencies are noted and reported to a qualified veterinarian.

Well after a customer’s purchase we continue to counsel and educate on procedures and methods that ensure both happy pets and happy owners

We match pets and families for life

It’s our mission to match the right owners with the right pets, and we make sure that every one of our pets is ready to be a great part of your family:

We help address health and hereditary concerns.

Offer resource kits that make adapting to a new home easier.

Provide important pet care information that help train pets in socialisation and obedience.

And offer a Protection Program with a national microchip database registry providing an enhanced layer of protection for pets and their families.